Solar System Check

Solar System Checking Services

Are you worried that your solar panel isn’t producing as much as it should? Or are you concerned that the installation would cause mishaps in the future because of faulty equipment? Our safety check procedure involves;

  • Cleaning of solar panels
  • Checking and securing any solar cabling
  • Checking the voltage output of the system
  • Checking the seals
  • Checking the system and inverter earthing continuity
  • Checking for any faulty DC isolators

Solar panel maintenance for PV And Hybrid Systems

Did you know that dust can cause a panel to lose between 5% and 10% of its output? This is usually taken into consideration when estimating the production from an energy system, which means your first findings might appear more spectacular. However, after years without cleaning or bird droppings building upon them, they may decline dramatically in power.

In the field of solar energy, there can be a lot that goes beneath your roof tiles. It could refer to anything from tiny pieces of silicon or metal shavings caught on top, down through more substantial penetrations such as those made by aerial condensers for air conditioning systems in homes and businesses alike! In terms of construction-wise though they mean something specialised – these sealants have been specially formulated, so you don’t risk any water leaks while still being guaranteed against decay due also guarantee corrosion protection at high temperatures too.

Is the Solar panel output lower than expected?

Designing solar systems that work reliably and produce their expected output every day should be straightforward, but for some reason, it just isn’t. The rules and standards people refer to when planning a system are there for good reason, and they should never be dismissed lightly. Unfortunately, we see a lot of solar systems that have been installed by electricians who don’t know about them, or more likely, just choose to ignore them.

The main reason why some electricians get away with this is that there are so many variables involved in designing a system and how they all interact with each other is very complex. Most of the time these designs are just annoying, but occasionally they have the potential to cause serious problems for their owners. As the best solar electricians in Melbourne, we need to be careful how we present ourselves to give our clients confidence in our abilities.

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