Solar Panel Removal

Solar Panel Removal Melbourne

Solar panels will last a long time and save you a lot of money on your utility costs. However, you will eventually require roof repairs and the solar panels will be removed. Most roofers do not remove solar panels, and other solar energy companies will not work on another company’s installation.

We provide solar panel removal services so that you may have your solar panels removed and reinstalled anytime you need re-roofing work done. When you get solar installed, here’s how you can replace your roof.

Solar System Removal Process

A solar panel system can last 25-40 years, but it will cost more money to power homes with the same solar energy panels over time. When people are ready to upgrade their home improvement projects, they need to hire a solar electrician who specializes in removing and reinstalling solar panels.

When people replace their roofs, they remove the old solar panels and install new ones. The contractor will use existing racks and rails, so homeowners don’t have to worry about anything. People who are building a new home, don’t want solar panels at all. New homeowners will need their panels completely removed and power companies can throw away all components that contain lead or other toxic materials. People in this situation should hire an electrician who can dispose of the components in an environmentally friendly manner.

The process of removing and reinstalling solar panels is called “retrofitting.” The reason people refer to this process as retrofitting is that the components used in the installation require a level of precision that can’t be obtained when they’re installed by hand.

The removal of panels for cleaning or maintenance is straightforward. They’ve been removed from their mounting brackets and disconnected from the power cords that link them. The solar circuit must, however, be removed from the mainline for complete removal. If you sell your house, however, your installer will need to remove the mounting gear that keeps the panels in place.

At Hilux Electrical, we are happy to offer Solar Panel Removals for all our customers and industry partners. Our team removes the panels from your home, stores them in our facility, coordinates with your roofer, and reinstalls them when ready. If required, our engineers obtain a building permit to get you reconnected to the utility. Contact us today to schedule your next solar panel removal!

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