Security Lighting

Adding security lighting to your home can make you feel like it’s a safe haven. iLux Electrical Services will install domestic emergency lights, which are perfect if the power goes out or while returning from work late at night.

Everyone wants to feel secure – this includes needing an escape plan when disaster strikes without being unprepared internally either by having poorly installed interior fixtures such as faulty exit routes through building exits outside our homes’ walls.


 We also install lighting that can be activated by sensors, turning on only when a person approaches. This lets intruders know they have been detected as well as alerting you with an LED light for your property so nothing sneaks up behind the unsuspecting homeowner while he or she is out working in their yard at night time. The switch generally stays connected 24/7 since modern units often contain photocells meaning it will only turn off if there are no humans around to activate them any more – but if someone walks past without stopping then this simple motion sensor porch lamp would shine.

When you invest in your home, it’s important to protect the things that make it so special. At iLux Electrical we do all of this and more with expert electrical work by professional licensed electricians for optimal protection against intruders or other unwanted visitors.

There are many reasons why people choose us as their go-to electrician company – from installation service including security flood lighting fixtures at no extra charge when installing them on exterior walls during new construction projects through ensuring everything gets maintained correctly every single time which includes fixing any potential problems before they become serious issues over decades.

Floodlights Installation

These lights are a major part of protecting your home from potential intruders. They illuminate dark areas, making it impossible for anyone to hide and spy on you without being seen by cameras with night vision capabilities. We recommend installing high intensity discharge lamps all over because they use less energy than other types while still giving off plenty of light where needed most- like in front or backyards near entrances.

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