Commercial Lighting and Power

When it comes to commercial and industrial property, there’s nothing more important than the lights. We at iLux Electrical know this very well because we’re experts in lighting and power services with fast service that never surprises you for fees upfront or after-the job is complete!

Our fixed pricing means your investment will always receive fair treatment from our team without any nasty hidden costs showing up later on down the line when they could have been prevented by giving us a call right away – just like many other businesses do every day around Australia wide but don’t worry about being left behind if something goes wrong.

We are a team of professionals who specialize in providing residential electrical services for businesses. We have serviced commercial properties across Melbourne, always delivering certified and trusted services that guarantee lasting results with customer satisfaction.

LED lights provide a better alternative to traditional globe lighting, and once you install them on the ceiling of your warehouse space they can save thousands in power bills. As commercial power contractors we advice you to opt for LED lights because they last much longer than their global predecessors while also being far more energy-efficient; not only will these savings add up quickly for business owners.

Intelligent lighting

iLux Electrical has everything to do with commercial solar installation, electrical and power systems. We offer customers unbeatable repair, installation assessment services that are fixed for a competitive price. Our team can help you cut down your monthly bills by installing intelligent lighting in different areas of the building which will use less energy than traditional lights while providing optimal light quality needed during day time hours when it’s most active. Did you know that by installing intelligent lighting, your business can save money on electricity? We offer reliable and trusted solutions for all of our customers. Our team is licenced and insured so there’s no job too big or small for us.

You want to know more about how your commercial property can be environmentally friendly and energy efficient? We’re happy share the details with you. Call iLux Electrical today, and we will get back in touch as soon as possible.

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