Solar System Check

Solar System Checking Services

Are you worried that your solar panel isn’t producing as much as it should? Or are you concerned that the installation would cause mishaps in the future because of faulty equipment? Our safety check procedure involves;

  • Cleaning of solar panels
  • Checking and securing any solar cabling
  • Checking the voltage output of the system
  • Checking the seals
  • Checking the system and inverter earthing continuity
  • Checking for any faulty DC isolators

Solar panel maintenance for PV And Hybrid Systems

Did you know that dust can cause a panel to lose between 5% and 10% of its output? This is usually taken into consideration when estimating the production from an energy system, which means your first findings might appear more spectacular. However, after years without cleaning or bird droppings building upon them, they may decline dramatically in power.

In the field of solar energy, there can be a lot that goes beneath your roof tiles. It could refer to anything from tiny pieces of silicon or metal shavings caught on top, down through more substantial penetrations such as those made by aerial condensers for air conditioning systems in homes and businesses alike! In terms of construction-wise though they mean something specialised – these sealants have been specially formulated, so you don’t risk any water leaks while still being guaranteed against decay due also guarantee corrosion protection at high temperatures too.

Is the Solar panel output lower than expected?

Designing solar systems that work reliably and produce their expected output every day should be straightforward, but for some reason, it just isn’t. The rules and standards people refer to when planning a system are there for good reason, and they should never be dismissed lightly. Unfortunately, we see a lot of solar systems that have been installed by electricians who don’t know about them, or more likely, just choose to ignore them.

The main reason why some electricians get away with this is that there are so many variables involved in designing a system and how they all interact with each other is very complex. Most of the time these designs are just annoying, but occasionally they have the potential to cause serious problems for their owners. As the best solar electricians in Melbourne, we need to be careful how we present ourselves to give our clients confidence in our abilities.

Solar Panel Removal Melbourne

Solar panels will last a long time and save you a lot of money on your utility costs. However, you will eventually require roof repairs and the solar panels will be removed. Most roofers do not remove solar panels, and other solar energy companies will not work on another company’s installation.

We provide solar panel removal services so that you may have your solar panels removed and reinstalled anytime you need re-roofing work done. When you get solar installed, here’s how you can replace your roof.

Solar System Removal Process

A solar panel system can last 25-40 years, but it will cost more money to power homes with the same solar energy panels over time. When people are ready to upgrade their home improvement projects, they need to hire a solar electrician who specializes in removing and reinstalling solar panels.

When people replace their roofs, they remove the old solar panels and install new ones. The contractor will use existing racks and rails, so homeowners don’t have to worry about anything. People who are building a new home, don’t want solar panels at all. New homeowners will need their panels completely removed and power companies can throw away all components that contain lead or other toxic materials. People in this situation should hire an electrician who can dispose of the components in an environmentally friendly manner.

The process of removing and reinstalling solar panels is called “retrofitting.” The reason people refer to this process as retrofitting is that the components used in the installation require a level of precision that can’t be obtained when they’re installed by hand.

The removal of panels for cleaning or maintenance is straightforward. They’ve been removed from their mounting brackets and disconnected from the power cords that link them. The solar circuit must, however, be removed from the mainline for complete removal. If you sell your house, however, your installer will need to remove the mounting gear that keeps the panels in place.

At Hilux Electrical, we are happy to offer Solar Panel Removals for all our customers and industry partners. Our team removes the panels from your home, stores them in our facility, coordinates with your roofer, and reinstalls them when ready. If required, our engineers obtain a building permit to get you reconnected to the utility. Contact us today to schedule your next solar panel removal!

New Solar Panel Installation

Getting hooked up with solar energy is the future! And at iLux Electrical, we want you to be part of this bright and intelligent day. Energy efficiency is a major factor in reducing costs for residential customers as well as corporate clients. If you have been looking into ways on cutting down expenses without making any adjustments within its operations team – then now’s time because our new installation services can help you save money.

We offer a range of solar services to meet your needs. We work hard with our clients and strive for the best results in every project we do, no matter how big or small it may be! Our experts use high-quality panels from famous manufacturers which allow them complete control over luminosity levels during the installation process as well as improved efficiency compared to other cheaper alternatives available in the market today.

Solar Power Installation

The installation of solar panels, as well as the necessary electrical connections, are included in this section of our services. We choose the best location in your building where incident sun rays will provide the highest efficiency. The panels are then installed by our specialists while keeping in mind the proper angles and juxtapositions. Furthermore, the panels are connected to your building’s electrical wiring, and you’re ready to consume solar energy.

We instal energy-efficient lighting that works in tandem with solar power generators to maximise efficiency. We can programme the lights to turn on automatically at night and turn off automatically in the morning, giving you complete peace of mind.

iLux Electrical provides a wide range of solar services, from new solar unit installation to moving old solar units and everything in between. Our solar services are available for commercial, residential, and industrial applications, including installation, repair, and maintenance.

If you’re looking for a solar company in Melbourne, don’t hesitate to give our team of professionals a call!

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Smoke Detectors/ CO2 Detection Installation & Maintenance

Fires can happen at any time, but it is crucial to have a smoke alarm installed in your home. These devices will detect fires and wake up those who need attention most – even if you don’t smell the burning wood or fried electronics from across the room. A lot of people may not know this about sleep: when we nod off our sense of smell disappears too.

Hardwired smoke detectors are strongly recommended for all residential properties. The alarm is powered by mains and has a battery backup in case of power outage, making it safer than relying solely on batteries that can die quickly during an emergency situation such as fire. The iLux Electrical Services team help homeowners find solutions specific to their needs so they’re prepared should there ever be one! We also perform annual smoke detectors maintenance and inspections to ensure they are kept in optimum condition. This includes checking their ionization batteries as well, so you can sleep soundly knowing that your family is protected from any fire or carbon monoxide alarms.

Smoke Alarms Maintenance

Smoke alarms must be maintained. All smoke detectors in a home should have been checked at least once within ten years and updated more frequently depending on use. A fire can start from just one cigarette so it’s important you know how your particular type of alarm works for emergencies like these – we recommend regular cleaning with non-toxic cleaner or replacing any expired batteries as soon as possible after they’ve gone flat. We also do some other things while here such as testing them regularly against standards set out by the authorities.

Smoke alarms are a must-have in your home. But if there’s ever been an emergency and electricity is knocked out, you’ll want them hardwired with backup batteries so that they stay working even when the power goes down. Our qualified local electricians can show up at any time to make sure nothing gets left unchecked – we’re on call 24/7 365 days of year.

If you’re ready to make fire safety a top priority in your home, contact iLux Electrical now to talk with a member of our helpful staff who will answer all of your concerns and schedule your installation or servicing.

Adding security lighting to your home can make you feel like it’s a safe haven. iLux Electrical Services will install domestic emergency lights, which are perfect if the power goes out or while returning from work late at night.

Everyone wants to feel secure – this includes needing an escape plan when disaster strikes without being unprepared internally either by having poorly installed interior fixtures such as faulty exit routes through building exits outside our homes’ walls.


 We also install lighting that can be activated by sensors, turning on only when a person approaches. This lets intruders know they have been detected as well as alerting you with an LED light for your property so nothing sneaks up behind the unsuspecting homeowner while he or she is out working in their yard at night time. The switch generally stays connected 24/7 since modern units often contain photocells meaning it will only turn off if there are no humans around to activate them any more – but if someone walks past without stopping then this simple motion sensor porch lamp would shine.

When you invest in your home, it’s important to protect the things that make it so special. At iLux Electrical we do all of this and more with expert electrical work by professional licensed electricians for optimal protection against intruders or other unwanted visitors.

There are many reasons why people choose us as their go-to electrician company – from installation service including security flood lighting fixtures at no extra charge when installing them on exterior walls during new construction projects through ensuring everything gets maintained correctly every single time which includes fixing any potential problems before they become serious issues over decades.

Floodlights Installation

These lights are a major part of protecting your home from potential intruders. They illuminate dark areas, making it impossible for anyone to hide and spy on you without being seen by cameras with night vision capabilities. We recommend installing high intensity discharge lamps all over because they use less energy than other types while still giving off plenty of light where needed most- like in front or backyards near entrances.

Alarm System Installation Melbourne

iLux Electrical understand that each property owner has varying needs when it comes to alarm system installation. That’s why we offer all customers various options so our team can provide the best solution for your home or commercial property, no matter what you’re looking for! Whether its wireless alarms with access control panels which are easy-to use and worry free? Or if hard wired is more up your street then go ahead – because at iLux electricals nothing will be too much trouble by any means necessary. We provide our services Melbourne wide and at the same time provide lifetime warranties on labour work as well makes us uniquely qualified contractors who know exactly what they’re doing every step of way.

Alarm System Repairs

Have you been experiencing a faulty alarm system? If so, call iLux for any commercial or home security alarms in Melbourne. Our technicians will diagnose your problem and provide fast solutions that cover all major brands with lifetime labour warranties! Sometimes an issue can be fixed on site while other times it might need to be upgraded – either way we have plenty of options available at our disposal when trying make informed decisions about fixing yours properly.

Residential and Commercial Alarm System Installation

Having the right security alarm system will ensure that your valuables remain safe at all times, providing you with peace of mind as any unwanted intruders are promptly alerted to their presence. Protect yourself and keep on living in Melbourne by contacting one suppliers for home alarms – iLux electrical is here. We have years’ worth experience in installing premium commercial security packages tailored specifically to our customers needs: offices or retail stores who want top notch protection against crime within business premises; warehouses where goods need high levels of protection throughout day-to-day operations.

CCTV Installation Melbourne

Home security and peace of mind is what we strive for. With a variety in installations, like alarms or even CCTV systems it will be easy to find the perfect fit for your home needs! Not only does this provide an excellent way to avoid break-ins but also means less money spent on insurance premiums when you’re protected by iLux’s electricians who are experienced in helping client’s  in installing alarm systems.

CCTV is a great way to keep an eye on your home, and we have the perfect system for you. Whether it’s something small like indoor camera with night vision or if space allows us can install larger outdoor cameras that can give unparalleled views of everything outside.

Our team will take care of all installation needs from running pipes through walls where necessary up into roof space cavities so they’re out of site below surface level; cabling throughout building interiors/exteriors (and even outdoors) without worrying about hidden obstacles such as power lines.

When it comes to your home or business, you want the best protection possible. Our electricians have been installing cameras and providing high-quality security services for years now because we know how important these installations are in keeping people safe at all times of day and night. We offer both indoor camera systems as well outdoor ones so there’s no matter what kind of weather conditions come up; if there is an issue with break ins then our staff will take care of it immediately without hesitation.

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Create a Dynamic Access Control System for Your Company

Building access control is a critical step in ensuring the safety and security of your employees, assets, as well as property. There are many different types available for systems with iLux being an expert team that can help you choose from swipe cards key fobs or pin code devices according to what best suits your needs. Building secure buildings starts by installing proper locks on doors but sometimes it still isn’t enough- which is why implementing an effective system at all times including using readers & keys makes complete sense. iLux’s access control solutions are designed to meet your needs and the constantly evolving security landscape.

iLux understands that with so many different technologies available, you’re probably overwhelmed by all of them. That’s why we take a one-on-one approach tailored just for each individual client, from designing their perfect system down through installation & maintenance services after they’ve been installed.

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